Hipoly 3D Model LoRA v2 3d模型风格lora下载

Hipoly 3D Model LoRA是基于High-poly 3D图像上训练的 LoRA模型。它可以提供高分辨率的皮肤、头发以及服装元素。它可以再现逼真的纹理和立体效果,可以使用提示词增强3D效果。

High-poly 3D Model LoRA

This is a LoRA trained on high-polygon 3D model images.

It can provide clean, high-resolution skin and hair materials, as well as detailed clothing elements.


Changes in 2.0

  • Increased the number of training images
  • Increased the training resolution (ver.1: 768, ver.2: 896)
  • Revised the tagging
    • Removed the trigger word as well
  • Reviewed the training parameters


Improvements in 2.0

  • It can reproduce a more 3D-like texture and stereoscopi effect than ver.1
  • LoRA can be applied without a trigger word
  • The style can be controlled using 3d and realistic tags
    • When added to Positive Prompt, it enhances the 3D feel
    • When added to Negative Prompt, it adds details such as clothing while maintaining the model’s art style
  • The issue of eroding the model’s art style with tags such as intricatedetailed has been alleviated


Additional information

The effect of LoRA was confirmed using the following my custom merged models: